File Your Tax Return Early To Avoid Identity Theft

File Your Tax Return Early To Avoid Identity Theft

Filing your taxes can be frustrating, but dealing with tax fraud and identity theft can be even worse. As we prepare to file our returns by the April deadline, we often forget that tax season is also a great opportunity for identity thieves.

Many of last year’s large-scale data breaches have already given identity thieves an advantage in the tax fraud and identity theft game. These breach events exposed a multitude of personal and financial information that will be used to fraudulently file tax returns this year.

Tax refund fraud affects hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of U.S. citizens annually. Victims usually first learn of the crime after having their returns rejected because scammers beat them to it. Even those who are not required to file a return can be victims of refund fraud, as can those who are not actually due a refund from the IRS.

If the IRS believes you were likely the victim of tax refund fraud in the previous tax year they will likely send you a special filing PIN that needs to be entered along with this year’s return before the filing will be accepted by the IRS electronically.

Minimize the chances of getting hit by tax refund fraud this year by filing your taxes before scammer can!